These terms apply to any sale of products, equipment, concessions of license of software and services through DAMI.  They cannot be removed or modified only after specific provisions expressly set out or accepted in writing by DAMI. They prevail over all other contractual and commercial provisions whatever including those contained on the commercial documents of the customer. Any order made by the customer necessarily membership in these terms.

All given prices are in Euro (€) duty-free. However, these prices can be changed at any time through DAMI, without prior warning, in particular due to currency fluctuations and fluctuations in the prices of some commodities.

The price is the only goods, it does not include delivery, installation, commissioning, the settings or other services.

DAMI is committed to making information available to the buyer to make the latter his choice according to his needs or desires, but in the end, DAMI will comply with the requirements of the buyer. The latter will validate his choice by signing for the order. DAMI could not suffer an affirmation of an unsuitable purchase: customer, having considered technical features of the products marketed by DAMI has under its own responsibility, and the needs of users as he has determined, brought his choice on products subject to his order, in addition, the customer, knowing only the other hardware, software and configurations used is the sole judge of the compatibility of products ordered with those used. It is up to the customer, if he is not competent to be assisted by counsel. As a supplier, our responsibility will never be held responsible for the non conformity of a product.

A commercial proposal, a quote, a purchase order cannot be accepted through DAMI that if it is in line with the original door and present to the client through DAMI mention good for agreement, the signature, and (if possible) stamp of the buyer. Orders are saved after discounts of a deposit of 30% of the amount including all taxes. Orders of a commodity not in stock requiring a specific purchase from our suppliers, are saved after receipt of a deposit of 50% of the amount including all taxes. Administrative order forms, purchase orders of companies into account cannot be accepted through DAMI only if they are consistent with the original submitted to the client by DAMI and carry the signature and stamp of the buyer.

The delivery times are given for information only. Unless express written otherwise, a delay in delivery may not give right to any compensation.

The place and conditions of provision of goods are defined at the time of the order. Any changes to these terms will be a supplementary written agreement which will be attached to the order of the customer. The customer will indicate on the invoice or purchase a handwritten reference materials and service delivery consistent with this Bill or that good of delivery with signature and name of the signer, stamp for administrations and businesses.

Our material is delivered to the consignee to which it belongs to check the goods on arrival and exercise, if there is place, its recourse against the carrier, even when shipping franco peril. A package or actual shipping and insurance charges may apply for deliveries and shipments of goods, according to prior agreement.

Means: transfers, withdrawals, cash, credit cards, bank checks (possibly), effects of (possibly approved) trade.  DAMI reserves the possibility of negotiating claims on customers with specialized companies. Invoices are stipulated without discount, net amount payable cash, removal or delivery. Any exception or deferral of payment is subject to a specific agreement prior to acceptance of the order. Any delay in payment will take as of right and without prior notice, the payment by the customer of a default interest equal to the legal interest rate increased by 5 points, or the maximum rate permitted by law, if this is lower.

Our material is subject to the clause of reserve of property. Sold materials remain the full property of DAMI until the perfect payment of the price main, fees and taxes.

Ownership of software is ever transferred. The user cannot, in any form, whether yield them, concede them, pawning them, communicate them lend them for consideration or free or reproduce them except for backup purposes.

All our products benefit at least from the legal warranty of one year parts and labor back in our agencies. The warranty is ultimately the responsibility of the manufacturer of products and software publishers that we sell. Special conditions can be defined, in which case they appear on a contract and/or invoice. A defective material is returned to the supplier or the manufacturer, the customer bears the disadvantages of this return, DAMI is not held in an early exchange of the defective product, DAMI is not required to make a loan or a replacement rental.  DAMI cannot guarantee a return period. Costs incurred at DAMI on this occasion are the responsibility of DAMI. The buyer cannot claim any compensation.

Products must work essentially according to their technical specifications on delivery, but DAMI does not guarantee that the products and software are free from bugs, errors or incompatibilities with other hardware and software, in such a case DAMI defers responsibility on manufacturers, manufacturers or publishers. DAMI joins the customer to assert with manufacturers, builders or publishers, the interests of the end user.

Some products are sold with a warranty validation card which part is to be returned to the manufacturer or Distributor. Thus the exercise of warranty rights is done directly, by the customer from the manufacturer or Distributor. DAMI cannot substitute for this procedure in the event of no return of the card by the customer to the manufacturer or Distributor.

Obligation of means and not of results. We cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences in case of loss of data or other computer files, or whatever would be the reason and the consequences.

We cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect of our technical interventions on the equipment of our customers, in particular we cannot guarantee the outcome in terms of operation, time, price.

Returns part of the operation of our technical services. These conditions are developed in a document separate from these terms of sale. We are explicitly reference in addition to the above general rules below. You can get the conditions in technical services on request.  They are displayed in all points of sale

·          Guaranteed after sales service, material

Procedure: Only material paid in full with the presentation of the Bill will be taken into account under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. Upon receipt of the equipment, a reception service voucher will be issued by the repair service, a copy will be forwarded to the customer.

·          After-sales service, hardware out of warranty